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What we offer for your business
Neutrade LLC has been in the market of trading services for years, and we are ready to offer you our expertise in a number of areas:

Let’s stay in touch

Dependable and individualized customer service is the cornerstone of our business. So let us know if you have any comments, questions, or inquiries, and our specialists will be happy to contact you in no time.

Our customer Service

Neutrade’s specialists have years of experience in providing professional services in the markets of car parts, medical & industrial equipment, apparel, and more.

Meeting your needs is our staff’s number one priority; work with us and you will receive a friendly service that takes utmost care in efficient order placement, accurate billing, and prompt delivery. Our team will be there for you to tackle any issue along the way so that you can focus on your business goals.

Commercial success of your business

Why Choose Us?


Our authentic business model is built around the team’s professionalism and adherence to the highest standards of work ethics.


We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. Moreover, we believe there is always room for improvement and that is why we are committed to non-stop improvement of our competencies.


Common goals, mutual respect, and upholding our commitments help build the backbone of a trusting relationship between our company and our clients.


No matter what industry our clients represent, any business is run by people. Understanding and meeting their needs is at the heart of our service.


Our team is built on merit – we select the best people for the job and consolidate their efforts through strategic planning and coordination.


We put a lot of effort into creating an open and sincere atmosphere for our team; it helps encourage cooperation and constant improvement in services provided to our business partners.

We also offer services in international logistics, purchasing, and delivery of any cargo and goods.

auto space parts

Clutch parts, Rubber parts, Fuel parts, Service parts, Filters, Engine parts, Lamp items etc…

Medical products and equipment

FONA Intraoral X-ray, Portable Shockwave Therapy Device, Exercise Bands, Audio meter ...


Rotary Gear Pump, Dlapharm Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Fuel Dispenser, Electric Motor etc...

airline parts

Engine & Airframe Material, Asset Acquisition & Consignment

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Get in touch with us

    A professional touch to your logistics

    Our expert team will handle the delivery of any cargo and goods, no matter the size and volume, be it for commercial use (delivered to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) or non-commercial purposes.

    What about the trading side of the business?

    Let Neutrade buy the products for you

    Search for goods


    Save your time and let us do the tiresome part: we can find the right product from a reliable manufacturer and carry out all negotiations and formalities. We will check the quality and characteristics of the goods and arrange delivery to your country of choice.

    Our goal is to deliver the best product for your needs at a bargain price with guarantees and minimal risks.


    Purchase of goods


    We have created this service for consumers who want to purchase the right product with guarantees.

    How does it work? Simple: you send us a link to the product or manufacturer and we do the rest. First, we will verify your application, collect information about the product’s condition, availability, and prices, and then start to negotiate with the supplier.

    We will send you a commercial offer based on negotiation results, including the cost of our services; once the advance payment for both components is made, we will start the process.


    Verifying Goods And Suppliers


    Before any purchase can be made, we will need to verify that the product is real and meets quality requirements. We will conduct a detailed inspection of the factory and pay attention to the size and workload of workshops, number of employees, warehouses, goods, and packaging, as well as licenses and certificates. Once every box is checked, we can follow through with the transaction.

    We will do all of this so that you don’t have to, and we will provide a detailed report to help you make an informed decision.

    Delivery of goods


    The day we receive your advance payment, we will place an order for the goods from the supplier. If the goods are as advertised, we will arrange the packaging and delivery, including customs clearance for your country. You will receive the goods at the transport company’s warehouse and pay for the cost of delivery.

    Our professional team will make sure that your delivery goes as planned and the right product arrives at the right time.

    For more information about the conditions and cost of cargo transportation, please contact us: